Countries under West’s spell fall silent against Israel

Countries under West's spell fall silent against Israel

“On account of dependence to western powers, some of countries in the region do not support and back Gaza,” the member of Board of directors in Parliament, Mohammad Hossein Farhangi told Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The political face also put accentuation on the arrogant world’s willful attempts in increasing dispersion among Muslims and underlined, “huge investment made by the US and countries in line with it to further disunity and dispersion among Muslim nations.”

To Farhangi, some of countries in the region are under the spell of main powers and in the wake of such setback; they do not work in tandem.

In line with Farhangi, Hamed Qader Marzi one of Parliament members in an interview with TNA underscored, “some of Islamic countries, except Islamic Republic of Iran, take positions which are not running counter to the interest of Israeli regime.”

“Given that, how we should expect them to support the oppressed people of Gaza,” added the political analyst.

Qader Marzi beckoned to this very line that Islamic countries are not autonomous and said, “Although these countries apparently enjoy a distinct border, territory, nation and independent government, but their policies show there are not autonomous.”

Israel launched an aerial military campaign against Gaza in early July and later expanded its operation with a ground invasion.

More than 2,137 Palestinians, including around 570 children, have been killed so far in the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. Some 11,000 others have been wounded.

Most of the victims were civilians, including children, women and the elderly.

Tel Aviv says 68 Israelis have been killed in the conflict, but Hamas puts the number at more than 150.

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