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Courts Order US to Pay $130bln to Iranian Citizens in Damages

Iran’s courts have ordered the US government to pay ordinary Iranian plaintiffs a sum of $130 billion in damages caused by Washington’s crimes, Iran’s Judiciary spokesman announced Tuesday.

Speaking at a press conference in Tehran, Gholam Hossein Esmaeili said the Iranian citizens, not the government, have filed more than 360 complaints against the US government.

The Iranian Judiciary has received those complaints from the public and the local courts have ruled that the US government should pay a total of $130 billion in damages to the plaintiffs affected by the US’ direct crimes against the Iranian nation, he explained.

Esmaeili also called on Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help in the case as the verdicts should be enforced at the international level.

In October 2018, Iran’s vice president for legal affairs called on all Iranian government organizations, private sector companies, medical institutions, physicians, patients and individuals to compile a record of the cases of US violation of the International Court of Justice’s ruling which had ordered Washington to lift bans on the free export of medicine to Iran.

La’ya Joneidi had emphasized that the ICJ’s ruling on Iran’s lawsuit against the US for breaching the 1955 Treaty of Amity and re-imposing sanctions was binding.

Her comments came after the ICJ found that assurances offered by Washington in August 2018 that it would do its best to ensure sanctions would not affect humanitarian conditions were “not adequate to address fully the humanitarian and safety concerns raised” by Iran.

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