Damascus Condemns US Kerry’s “Plan B” Remarks


Damascus deplored US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent remarks on considering a Plan B and military option against Syria.

“Kerry’s remarks are aimed at diverting the public opinion from the US responsibility for the crimes committed by the terrorists against the Syrian nation,” a Syrian foreign ministry official said on Wednesday.

“The US and its allies and puppets are accountable for the crisis in Syria and its continued trend since they are still supporting terrorism,” the official added.

According to the official, the Syrian nation and government want the end of crisis as soon as possible and are trying more than anyone else to eradicate terrorism and strengthen unity in Syria.

The Syrian government on Tuesday accepted terms of the ceasefire deal as announced by the US and Russia, but the Damascus government wants the war against the ISIL to continue as planned.

But Kerry said he will move towards a plan B that could involve a partition of Syria if a planned ceasefire due to start in the next few days does not materialize, or if a genuine shift to a transitional government does not take place in the coming months.

“It may be too late to keep it as a whole Syria if we wait much longer,” he told the US Senate foreign relations committee on Tuesday.

Kerry did not advocate partition as a solution and refused to specify details of a plan B, such as increased military involvement, beyond insisting it would be wrong to assume that Barack Obama would not countenance further action.

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