Damascus: firing mortar shells on residential neighborhoods is foreign order

515584801fb5cInformation Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, has denounced the terrorists’ targeting of residential neighborhoods, schools, universities and hospital with mortar shells, which resulted the last one in the death of 15 university students as coming in the framework of carry out a foreign order of terrorist escalation to the “farthest extent”.

Al-Zoubi has said in an interview with the Syrian State TV “this escalation, which comes in parallel with giving Syria’s seat at the Arab League (AL) to the ‘Doha Coalition’, aims to suggest that “terrorists are attacking in the middle of the capital and that as if the state is unable to protect the civilians.”

Syrian Information Minister considers that granting of the seat was “Charters”, pointing out that Qatar “kidnaps the AL and act as it pleases, as if one of the Qatari Prince’s companies.” He believes that “the Arab League and the Arab summit two empty institutions and unrespectable popularly, where they have no role or function for them”, stressing that his country “did not bet one day that can university to do something for any Arab issue absolutely.”

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