68th Nakba anniversary…Resistance is the path toward liberation, The Occupation will end

The destruction of the oppressive systems of falsehood and taghut (oppressors, aggressors) is the definite word of Allah, the requirement of unchanged Divine Law.








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The 15th of May is a normal day for all people around the world, but not for the Palestinians. It is the Nakba day when they were massively killed, expelled out of their villages 68 years ago.

68 years passed on the Palestinian Nakba, however, the anniversary is still present in the conscious of the Palestinian people who was subjected to the worst ethnic cleansing in the history.

“The old will die and the young will forget” Israeli leaders thought, but their claim and efforts to achieve this goal were all in vain as Palestinians continue to hold the keys of their lost homes, and the key has become a symbol of Palestinian right to return home.

Not only the old Palestinian people, who experienced and suffered the Israeli crimes in 1948, are the only ones to remember the Nakba, but the Palestinians in the whole world still stick to the right of return to Palestine and they still believe in resistance as the sole path to return.

Never lost hope.. The Occupation will end

Abu Jameel Saleh, 83 years, expelled from “Simsim” village in the occupied Palestine, told Al Qassam website: “My home’s key did not rust and the return is still a dream even for the young generations which grew up far from their homeland”.

He added that anyone still remember this day must resist this occupation and work for the reunion of the Palestinian people to return his stolen rights.

Abu Khalil, expelled from the occupied Al Majdal (Asqalan), said that the Palestinian Nakba is linked to the right of return, the historical right of Palestinians.

“I still keep the key of my home in Al Majdal, 68 years after it has been occupied in 1948, and I will not give up my right, I will not accept any compensation. I am waiting for the moment of return,” he added.

Resistance is the path to return

The Palestinian activist Saleem Shurrab told our correspondent: “Palestine will remain as long as there is resistance. We still believe in the Palestinian freedom fighters in the West Bank, Gaza, the occupied Jerusalem, and in the exile.

On his part, the Palestinian analysist Dr. Naji Al Battah said that the Palestinian people has the right to defend themselves, their land, the future of their children against the Israeli colonial occupation.

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