IIT Exclusive- We are uncovering the Syria Truth by some of documents including 15 videos


We are presenting you some documents including many videos, photos, confession by FSA, Nusra terrorists, who have nothing with Islam but they cover their zionist faces with Islam, Ahlul Sunnah.Please go to the each link and you will find useful realities that help you to understand Syria Truth better. We prefer asking some questions to those who always ephasize Sunnah but in reality have no relations with Sunnah nor Islam thats why we prefer calling them as Americanized Mujaheeds and Americanized Islam. Here the links one by one.


Tell us a sunnah that legalize raping of FSA, Nusra


Prophet Mohammad is the greatest ENEMY of americanized Mujaheeds because


Any human do not this but terrorists in Syria


Then tell us a sunnah that legalize cooperating with zionist entity.


Tell us a sunnah that legalize haram and adultery of FSA, Nusra


Tell us a sunnah that kill innocents


Tell us a sunnah that let u take salary from enemies of ISLAM, SUNNAH, QURAN


Tell us a sunnah that let those islamic-faced americanized mujaheeds use chemicals


Tell us a sunnah that let you get treatment in israeli hospitals


Tell us a sunnah that target resistance


Can you say us a Sunnah that let you take mediacal treatment in Zionists’ hospitals


Tell us a sunnah that zionist fund muslims ha?


Here the confession of Americanized Mujaheeds about zionist Regime of Israel


Here the so- called Muslims are destroying Islamic Values


If you still have understood NOTHING then WATCH this


If You still haven’t understood then wait for death and the torment waiting for you.


If You watch this then you will see the ARMY waiting for you

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