Martry Qassem Suleimani Will-7

Oh dear God, it is many years now that I have been left behind a caravan. I have constantly sent others towards it, but I myself have been left behind it. You Yourself know that I have never been able to forget them. Their memory and their names always echo, not in my mind, but in my heart and in my eyes with tears and sighs.

My dear God, my body is becoming infirm. How could You possibly not accept someone who has been waiting at Your door for 40 years? My Creator, my Beloved and my Love, I have always asked You to fill my heart and my soul with the love of You. Let me burn and die in being apart from You.

My dear One, I have wandered into deserts feeling restless and ashamed of being left behind. I go from one city to another and from this desert to the next in winters and summers, because I harbor a hope. Generous God, my Beloved God, I have fixed my hopes on Your Generosity. You know that I love You. You know that I do not want anyone other than You. Help me join You.

Oh God, terror has engulfed my whole existence. I am not capable of controlling my will. Do not disgrace me. I ask You, for the sake of those whose sanctity You have vowed to preserve, to join me to the caravan that has come towards You before I see the sanctity of these shrines being disrespected.

You, Whom I worship, my Love and my Beloved, I love You. I have seen and felt You many times. I cannot remain separate from You any longer. It is enough. It is enough. Accept me, but only when I am worthy of You.

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