NATO war against Syria aims to eradicate ISLAM BUT…

So- called Friends of Syria say nothing for Myanmar Plight, Palesnie. Why so- called mujaheeds(?) who have wonderful relation with CIA, MOSSAD, NATO and enemies of Islam are at war against brutal(?) Assad taking no action for the oppressed Rohingyas killed brutally by regime. WHY US, UN, NATO, UK, France, Germany, Italy…, S. Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, AL say nothing for Arakan oppressed muslims? yes now we see that they are NOT sincere in their acts towards Syria. Their aims are neither Syrians nor Palestinians. Their aim is to cut the AID way to the resistance against israHELL then to take action against Islamic States. yes their whole struggles are for relieving israel to take a breath. BUT they do not ACCOUNT our AlMighty ALLAH. if those sinisters have sinister plans for UMMAH; AlMighty ALLAH have plan for them AND ALLAH is the BEST PLANNER.


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