Saudi Arabia: Forced hijab for public, corruption for royal family

while women in Saudi Arabia have been deprived of their rights bestowed upon them by Islam, royal family female members violated Islamic codes of behavior.
Saudi family has a claim on leadership of Muslim world, but they are highly corrupt, and not only male royal members, but also female members, violate their Wahhabist rules and codes of behavior, let alone orthodox Sunni faith. To show this, see the pictures below.

The first picture belongs to a daughter of Saud bin Abdul Aziz, former monarch. Then 41, she was studying in University of Florida, when two years earlier, she had been fined $ 1000 for insulting and abusing her Philippine   servant. The court’s verdict was 15 years of prison, but Saudi influence in its embassy in the US, diplomatic visa and immunity cut the verdict to only $ 1000 fine.

The second picture is of Hend Shams El-Din El-Fassi, wife to Turki bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, brother to King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, during her birthday party in Beirut, Lebanon in 2001, while dancing. She was living in Lebanon when she was accused of stealing jeweler worth of British pounds 5.5m. Lebanese court sued her in the accusation, but she fled Lebanon.

Another royal family member, Princess Mashael bint Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, a Los Angeles resident, works as fashion show dummy. In an interview to a magazine displaying her photo on its first page, she quoted to have said that Saudi women wore special dress covering all their body parts, but here is Los Angeles, not Riyadh.

The fourth picture is Princess Rima, dauther to Talal bin Abdul Aziz, one of the wealthiest man in Arab world. The picture shows her in 2007 ceremony of her graduation.

The fifth picture display Princess Samaher, daughter to Turky bin Abdul Aziz, in Beirut with her father standing beside her.

The sixth photo is of Nouf, daughter to Bandar bin Sultan, current head of Saudi intelligence agency. She was long in the US, and now head of Saudi High Security Council.

Princess Nouf has been living in the US for 25 years and does not have any Saudi female features. Her only hobby is painting and has been awarded some painting titles in the US. This is the most recent picture of her.

The seventh picture is a wife of Saudi Prince Mohamed Bin Turki, Hana Al Jader, 39, who was arrested on charges of forced labor, domestic servitude, falsifying records, visa fraud, and harboring aliens. Her picture was published by Saudi press and angered royal family who feared national and international reactions to the issue.


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