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Erdogan Regime non hesitantly fulfilling all the orders he is getting from the zionist regime.

The Turkish government ordered a senior Hamas official whom Israel accuses of organizing terrorist attacks in the West Bank to leave the country, Channel 10 is reporting on Friday.

Salah Aruri, a top Hamas operative who was released from an Israeli prison a few years ago, is in charge of rebuilding the Hamas infrastructure in the West Bank a year after Israeli security forces dismantled it prior to the war in Gaza.

Zionist PM natanyahu also ordered Erdogan government to assure them not to let any terror act crossing from Turkish borders. The zionist PM said it was not enough to expel Aruri without giving guarantee to stop all Hamas operatives in Turkey.

Turkish community now asking who was charged for the crime of Mavi Marmara massacre? Turkey which obeys all orders of zionist regime or terrorist israel which is ordering Turkey more end more instructions.

This makes clear that Erdogan government’s anti israel stance was only a theater play staged to deceive enemy of israel Turkish community.

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