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Despite Ongoing Saudi Aggression, Yemen Shows Solidarity with Occupied Palestine, Rebels against Trump’s Deal

Despite the 5-year Saudi-led aggression on Yemen, the Yemenis moved in Sanaa Friday in solidarity with the occupied Palestine and rejection of the so-called ‘deal of the century”.

The protesters chanted slogans which support the Palestinians in their conflict with the Zionist enemy, stressing that Trump’s scheme will fail just as all the previous plots.

During the event, the two officials representing Palestine’s Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements Mahmoud Al-Zahhar and Khaled Al-Batch addressed from Gaza the participants, hailing the loyalty of the Yemenis to the Palestinian cause and promising them to fight the enemy till achieving the ultimate victory.

The rally’s concluding statement reiterated our support to the Palestinian people to liberate the land and sanctities, vowing confronting all schemes aimed at diverting the Yemenis away from the Palestinian cause.

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