Days of Victory

Diary of August 13 2006: Confrontations on the Last Day of the Aggression

On August 13, 2006, the day before cessation of hostilities, Zionist enemy attempts to achieve gains on the ground failed because of the vigilant Islamic Resistance fighters who thwarted several attempts at Ayta Al Shaab front, inflicting the enemy with heavy losses in vehicles and soldiers. 20 Zionist soldiers hid inside a house which the resistance spotted and bombed, leaving 15 of them wounded.

At the Taybeh – Kantara front, the Mujahideen destroyed 9 Merkava tanks and 3 bulldozers. At Khiyam front 2 Merkava tanks were destroyed also, in addition to attacking enemy positions and soldiers in Aytaroun, Chihine and Bayada.

The day was sealed with downing a reconnaissance aircraft over Ibba town with a surface to air missile.

Destruction of Imam Hassan (AS) Compound

On midday today, aiming to increase the severity of the destruction left behind by its barbaric aggression, the enemy took advantage of the last day of hostilities and used its fighter jets and battleships at sea to bomb a residential compound consisting of eight buildings, comprising 241 apartments and about 70 shops. Nearly 30 martyrs fell in the attack; the compound was leveled to the ground.

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