Days of Victory

Diary of July 29 2006: Zionist Massacres against Civilians (2)

Since the beginning of its aggression on Lebanon on July 12 2006 of, the Zionist enemy carried out a number of horrific massacres against our civilians killing a large number of children, women, elderly and invalid. “Israel” carried out its massacres in various regions of Lebanon from South Lebanon to Bekaa Valley through to the north.

The most horrific of these massacres:

 Ansaar massacre which led to the martyrdom of 8 citizens.
 Ghassaniyyeh massacre, led to the martyrdom of 7 citizens.
 Mashgharah massacre, 6 citizens martyred.
 Ghaziyeh massacre, 10 citizens were martyred.
 Taybeh Massacre, 7 martyred citizens.
 Shiyah massacre, about 50 citizens were martyred.
 New Qana massacre, led to the martyrdom of about 40 people.

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