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Down with USA, zionist Saud: 900 days of aggression on Yemen; more than 34,072 Yemeni civilians martyrs and wounded


The legal center for rights and development revealed the number of victims of the Saudi aggression against Yemen during the 900 days of aggression, which amounted to 34 thousand and 72 civilians between martyrs and wounded.

The statistics of the center received by the Saba news agency that the number of martyrs reached 12 thousand and 907 citizens, including two thousand and 768 children and a thousand and 980 women, while the number of wounded 21 thousand and 165 citizens, including two thousand and 598 children and two thousand and 149 women.

The Center pointed out that the Saudi-American aggression destroyed 15 airports, 14 ports, 1 thousand and 941 roads and bridges, 165 stations and generators, 409 reservoirs and water networks, 372 networks, communications stations and 1,000 and 654 government facilities in various governorates.

According to the statistics of the legal center for rights and development, the number of houses destroyed and damaged by the aggression amounted to 406 thousands and 289 houses, while the number of mosques destroyed by the aggression 773 mosques.

The statistics indicated that the aggression destroyed 296 hospitals and health facilities, 791 schools and institutes, 114 university facilities, 240 tourist facilities, 103 sports facilities and 26 media facilities in various governorates of the Republic.

According to the Center’s statistics, the US-Saudi aggression coalition targeted 208 archaeological sites, a thousand and 978 agricultural fields and 232 poultry and livestock farms.

In the field of factories and commercial markets, the Center confirmed that the aggression destroyed over 900 days of aggression on Yemen 297 factories, 576 commercial market and 5 thousand and 924 commercial establishments.

While the number of food stores targeted by the aggression 678 stores, 533 food tankers, 323 petrol stations, 246 fuel tankers and more than three thousand transport vehicles. In terms of crimes of aggression in education, the legal center indicated that four million and 400,000 children were denied access to schools due to the bombing of aggression.

Of education, for eight months in 2015, six million and 500 thousand children were obstructed from education The Center pointed out that one million and 800 thousand children were forced to leave education, noting that 216 schools are still shelters for displaced people and three thousand and 750 schools closed in 2015. School is no longer suitable for education because of the damage done to it and the number of schools that destroyed by the aggression is 794 schools.


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