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Egypt says border guard rescued 11 Turkish nationals in eastern Mediterranean

Major General Ayman Shehata, commander of the Egyptian border guards, revealed that his forces had rescued 11 Turkish nationals from drowning in a maritime search and rescue patrol.

Shehata explained that the rescue operation took place in 2019 after the sinking of the Turkish fishing boats in the Abu Ramad area, and they were pulled out of the water and medical and health care was provided to them, according to Al- Watan.

“One of these crew members was feeling tired because of the incident, so we rescued them. We checked on them. Then they were in one of our intelligence offices and offered them a meal of hospitality until they were handed over to the competent authorities.”

The Border Guard Commander praised his forces, noting that they are trained and qualified in search and rescue operations, explaining that the border guards cooperate in search and rescue work with the air force and the navy.

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