Egyptians protest against Qatar’s interference

Egyptians protest against Qatar’s interference

Hundreds of people have gathered outside Qatar’s embassy in Cairo to protest against what they called the Gulf state’s unwarranted interference in Egyptian internal affairs.
Egyptians protest against Qatar’s interference
The protesters, comprised of groups from Sout el Shab [The Voice of the People], Ana Masry [I am Egyptian] and the Popular Resistance Movement – a group of retired military personnel – burned Qatari and Turkish flags and chanted slogans against Al Jazeera on Saturday.

They distributed flyers calling Al Jazeera the mouthpiece of Qatar, saying that Egypt must be saved from sedition and national security must be protected against international interference.

The protesters also called for the expulsion of Qatar’s ambassador and demanded the permanent closure of Al Jazeera in Egypt.

Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Fadel Fahmy said the protesters chanted slogans supporting the Egyptian military and General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the army chief who helped depose President Mohamed Morsi, and proclaimed: “We’re not Syria, we’re not Libya!”.

He said the protesters pledged to continue demonstrating until their demands were met.

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