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Eleventh kids hospitalized over mysterious disease in Colorado


The 11th Colorado child has been taken to hospital over symptoms of a mysterious illness, including partial paralysis.

Ten other children have already been hospitalized at Children’s Hospital Colorado for the neurological illness, whose cause yet remains unknown to doctors in the US, CNN reported on Saturday.

Four other kids have been reported to have had the symptoms that match the criteria for this illness.

On Friday, one of the sick children’s mother made comments about the family’s “scary experience”.

She said her daughter started coughing, which was followed by lethargy and a rise in her temperature.

“I thought that she was being dramatic and faking it,” said the woman, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, referring to the next day when the girl started complaining about weakness in her arm.

Time passed and “she kept dropping her corn on the cob,” due to the weakness and was finally admitted to hospital almost two weeks after the start of the disease.

“Yes, things are mysterious, and it’s hard in life when we can’t get an exact answer, but I really feel that it’s not something that other people should panic about.”

Some of the sick kids in Colorado and Boston have tested positive for enterovirus D68, a virus missing in the other children’s system.

“It’s probably going to be weeks to months in terms of trying to understand what’s happening,” said Dr. Samuel Dominguez at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

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