Elite Syrian Army division sent to key city in east Syria to defend against ISIS attacks


An elite Syrian Arab Army division has been re-located to eastern Syria in order to defend a key city in the region that was recently liberated by pro-government forces.

According to military-affiliated sources, core units of the Syrian Arab Army’s 11th Armored Division have been transferred from the strategic reserve to the city of Abu Kamal in southeastern Syria.

The newly arrived forces will fortify the town and its surrounding countryside to defend it from hit-and-run attacks by Islamic State militants which still occur from time to time.

Other pro-government forces initially tasked with the defense of Abu Kamal will be relieved and sent to different fronts throughout Syria.

The 11th Armored Division, although diverse in its capabilities, specializes particularly in defensive warfare.

The city of Abu Kamal was liberated by Syrian army-led forces in November of this year after a two-week battle which one BCC journalist described as being one of the most savage engagements against ISIS by any force in Syria or Iraq ever.

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