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Enemy of Islam Saudi regime launches TV series production to promote normalization with ‘israel’

A controversial Saudi writer and journalist has announced the production of a new TV series that promotes the normalization of ties between the Persian Gulf states and the occupying regime of Israel.

Abdul Hameed al-Ghabin said in an interview with the BBC news network that the series is to be filmed with the participation of actors from the regional countries in the cities of Jerusalem al-Quds and Tel Aviv next year.

The joint series would be broadcast from the TV channels of members of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council countries, he added.

The journalist, who is close to the Saudi Arabia’s royal family, threw his weight behind the media production and claimed that the Saudi public opinion agrees with the normalization of relations with Israel and seeks to establish good relations with the illegal entity.

Ghabin also claimed that the issue of Palestine was “dead” for the Arab world.

Israeli journalist Edy Cohen pounced on the claim, tweeting that the Palestinian issue was “dead” as he cited Ghabin.  

‘Saudi Arabia empowered Israel to take over Palestine’

Palestinian journalist and Al Jazeera presenter Jamal Rayyan censured Ghabin and said his remarks echoed the anti-Palestine comments of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“They are doing business; Saudi Arabia is supporting the Palestinian issue, in fact it is Saudi Arabia that has empowered Israel to take over Palestine, and if it were not for Saudi Arabia, Israel would be destroyed,” Rayyan wrote in a message on Twitter.

“The truth of the matter is that Saudi Arabia is lying to us, but why is it still lying while the mask fell from its face and its ugly face was revealed,” he added.

Saudi journalists, close to Riyadh, have been making overtures to Israel in recent years and verbally assaulting the Palestinians. There have also been launching a litany of anti-Palestinian campaigns on Saudi social media.

A new series aired on the Saudi-owned MBC channel about the life of Jews in the Persian Gulf during the 1940s has already generated controversy in the Arab world, with critics regarding the drama as an invitation to normalize ties with Israel. 

The television series were premiered during Ramadan which is the most sacred month in the Islamic calendar.

Hebrew-language outlet N12 reported that many believe the Saudi crown prince is involved in the series as he is interested in closer relations between the kingdom and Israel.

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas said the series aims to falsify history and gradually introduce Persian Gulf society to normalization with Israel, at a time when some Arab rulers are panting for close ties with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to protect their thrones.

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