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Envoy: 9 Ton Venezuelan Gold for Iran’s Oil, “LIE”

Iranian ambassador in Venezuela Hojjatollah Soltani said the news of exchanging oil with 9-ton gold from Caracas is a lie, adding there are other ways like swap and oil export in exchange for goods.

Soltani said there are many ways for trading like exporting oil for coffee and cocoa or other food staff, adding, “But the biased media have released mendacious news on exchange of Venezuelan gold for Iran’s oil.”

“The Western media are trying to forge negative climate against Iran and Venezuela as a cover-up for their failure before the world public opinion,” the envoy stressed.

Soltani made it clear that the Iranian oil tankers were dispatched according to the international protocols and the international organizations had been informed of the course of these tankers in advance.

Earlier on Monday, in a message he said the US decision not to attack Iranian tankers carrying oil to Venezuela showed that there are still some wise decision-makers in Washington.

“They should make warmongers understand that observing international regulations and agreements by governments such as the United States will create safer world for all countries and the US itself,” Soltani wrote on his Twitter account on Monday.

“First Iranian oil tanker berthed at Venezuela’s El Palito port, an online service which tracks shipments in different geographical areas- reported on Monday,” he added.

The Iranian oil tanker had loaded 43 million liters of gasoline from southern Iranian port of Shahid Rajaei in mid-March, TankerTrackers tweeted.

This was the first out of five Iranian oil tankers that has docked at the northern Venezuelan beach despite the US warnings and sanctions.

Satellite images show that the Iranian tanker named “Fortune” was completing its berthing operations while being helped by two Venezuelan tug boats at El Palito refinery.

The Iranian tanker was escorted by the Venezuelan Navy in order to reach the Venezuelan port without facing any incident which might had happened due to the US threats.

The second Iranian tanker named “Forest” had already arrived in the Caribbean Sea.

Three other Iranian oil tankers are “Faxon”, “Petunia” and “Clavel” that are passing Atlantic Ocean to reach Venezuela.

Earlier, Venezuelan Minister of Petroleum Tareck El Aissami in a message appreciated Iran for fuel supply, saying energy cooperation will develop relations in all fields.

The energy cooperation between Iran and Venezuela is based on the scientific exchange and the productive development of the hydrocarbon industry, in addition to the experience that unites us as OPEC countries. Thanks brothers!!, he added.

Meanwhile, commanding officer of the Strategic Command Operations of Venezuela Remigio Ceballos in a message said the National Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela appreciates the solidarity of the Republic of Iran.

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