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Essence of human sciences lies in Koran


On the occasion of the auspicious birth anniversary of Hazrat-e Ma’soume, thousands of women scholars, involved in Koranic studies, met the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Imam Ali Khamenei.

Imam Khamenei in the a speech referred to women’s active participation in all scientific fields as a point of honor and said Koranic studies should be manifested in all aspects of social life.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution criticized the Western view of women and said Islam greatly respected women and paved the way for their capabilities to flourish.

Imam Khamenei said the remarkable number of woman scholars in the field of Koranic studies in Iran is unprecedented, adding that under the rule of the deposed Shah, a huge gap between people and the Koran was formed and because of it we must put all efforts to bridge the gap.

Imam Khamenei said the only way to have a society inspired by the Koran is to align its governing rules with Koran.

“It is a clear cut fact that the establishment of an Islamic republic in Iran was the major result of exact following of Koranic principles,” the Leader of Islamic Revolution said.

The IR Leader underlined that the formation of the Islamic system has paved the way for Koranic training on which the Iranians should form their behavior in family, management politics, and international scene.

Ayatollah Khamenei urged familiarity with Koranic teachings and said Koranic researches should be done in a way to materialize the teachings in society and life.

Imam Khamenei said if heart is not clean, Koran may be misused for attacking Islam, the Islamic Republic and virtues which the Islamic system brought to society.

The IR Leader termed familiarity with Arabic language and principles of jurisprudence as prerequisites for Koranic researches, adding that a scientific method for Koranic studies is very important and the way of Ulema and jurists in using verses and traditions is completely tested.

Pointing to the issue of westernized human sciences in universities and expressing his criticism in this regard, Imam Khamenei said that the base of the western human sciences is material ideology which is contrary to religious and Koranic teachings while we should seek essence of human sciences in The Koran.

The Islamic Revolution Leader urged taking principles of human sciences from Koran and said “if we do so, the Koranic researchers could establish a firm base for human sciences.”

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