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European Foreign Ministers to visit Gaza

Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, stated Monday, that the foreign ministers of Spain, France and Italy will be visiting the Gaza Strip this month to ensure that the Zionist entity implements its vows to ease the siege on Gaza.

During a press conference in Madrid with Syrian President, Bashar Assad, Zapatero said that the Israeli occupation vowed to gradually lift the siege, and that his country wants to make sure it fulfills its promises in this regard.

He added that the residents in Gaza have the right to receive the needed food, medicine and construction materials to rebuild the bombarded homes and facilities.

Zapatero further stated that his country, and different European Union countries, will support construction plans conducted by the United Nations, and will be directly involved in the issue by sending delegates to Gaza.

He said that during their upcoming meeting on July 26 in Brussels, European Ministers will discuss the means to lift the siege on Gaza, and make sure goods and humanitarian supplies make it into coastal region without any obstruction, and to ensure the freedom of movement of the residents.

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