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Even Bravery in Saudi Arabia Fabricated!

Few weeks ago, a video showing highest levels of bravery among Yemeni fighters went viral on social media.

In a rare scene published by Yemen’s Military Media Center, a Yemeni fighter from the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees appeared as he was rescuing his injured comrade while getting under a barrage of Saudi bullets.

On Thursday, Saudi ‘MBC Action’ channel blatantly stole the historic video- documented by Yemeni Military Media Center- renaming the Yemeni heroes of the short film with Saudi names.

However, the channel faced a problem with the Yemeni traditional uniforms worn by Yemeni fighters. In a bid to get out of such problem, ‘MBC Action’ captioned the video: “Saudi officer, disguised as a Yemeni, returns with a martyr amid a barrage of bullets”.

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