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EXC: Sayyed Nasrallah Met Resistance Soldiers on Northeastern Border with Syria, Announced Battle to Defeat Nusra, ISIL

On the second anniversary of liberating Lebanon’s northeastern border from Nusra Front and ISIL terrorist groups, Hezbollah Top Security Official Hajj Wafiq Safa revealed, in an interview with Al-Manar news reporter, some of the battle’s secrets.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah toured the Resistance military sites in the northeastern outskirts on Lebanon’s border with Syria and met with the mujahidin, announcing the start of the battle to liberate the territories held by the terrorists, according to Safa.

Hezbollah security official added that Sayyed Nasrallah aimed at meeting the Resistance soldiers directly in order to instruct them clearly and boost their morale, recalling that they are greatly influenced by the character of his eminence.

Safa added that Sayyed Nasrallah inspected directly the geographical features of the area and located the sites of even the terrorists there, pointing out that his eminence continued following up all the course of the battle.

Hajj Wafiq Safa also highlighted the field coordination between Hezbollah and the Lebanese army, adding that the army-people-resistance formula was consecrated during that battle.

After defeating the terrorists, Sayyed Nasrallah rejected to announce victory before unveiling the destiny of the Lebanese servicemen kidnapped by the militant groups in the Lebanese northeastern town of Arsal, according to Safa.

“After interrogating the terrorists, who were either besieged in the battlefield or imprisoned by the Lebanese security forces, the kidnapped servicemen appeared to be killed by the militants.”

Hezbollah Top Security Official stressed that this development represented a major victory for the families of the servicemen, the Lebanese government and Hezbollah.

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