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EXC.VIDEO: That’s How Hezbollah Navy Struck israel’s Warship SAAR-5 in 2006 War

In a special interview with #Army_To_Be_Drowned documentary broadcast via Al-Manar TV, Hezbollah navy commander revealed the details of the operation in which #Israel’s warship SAAR-5 was struck in 2006 war.

The documentary started with showing the Israeli reports about the strike and the a testimony made by one of the Zionist soldiers who were on board when the warship was struck.

The reports highlighted the damage inflicted upon SAAR-5 warship, noting that it was moved to Ashdud seaport after evacuating the corpses of the four dead soldiers.

#Army_To_Be_Drowned documentary also inspected the location of the warship at the time of the strike, showing the coordinates employed by Hezbollah navy to target it.

The #Army_To_Be_Drowned documentary also showed two reports about the Israeli warship SAAR-5 and the anti-ship missile which was used by Hezbollah to strike it, C-802.

Hezbollah navy commander, nicknamed as “Hajj Jalal”, introduced the marine force of the Islamic Resistance, explaining the development it has witnessed due to its vital importance to deter the Israeli attacks.

The commander stressed that the sea is the economic lung for the Israeli enemy, adding that the marine force is necessary for protecting the offshore natural resources.

“Hajj Jalal” then reported the details of the operation in which Hezbollah navy damaged one of the most sophisticated Israeli warships, SAAR-5 during 2006 war.

As the Zionist enemy escalated its attacks on the various Lebanese areas, Hezbollah navy had to carry out a certain deterrent act, according to “Hajj Jalal” who added that the Resistance leadership ordered the marine forces to prepare for the anti-ship missile strike.“We could strike Israel‘s warship SAAR-5 in 2006 war before it entered Lebanon’s international waters.”

Hezbollah navy commander revealed that the location of the rocket launcher was in Ouzai area on Beirut coast, adding that the navy forces started preparing the missile to strike the Israeli warship, pointing out that the Resistance leadership delayed the operation for several hours despite readiness.

It is worth noting that the strike was carried out at 20:00 (local time) when Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah addressed the Lebanese and announced that Israel’s warship SAAR-5 was hit before burning and sinking.


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