EXC: zionist Army Radio: Intelligence chief of the occupation army survived of death in the bombing of “Eshkol

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Army radio unveiled survival of head of military intelligence, “Aviv Kochavi” of certain death as he left a gathering place for soldiers in the Regional Council “Eshkol” which was shelled by mortars on Monday shortly, killing 10 soldiers and wounding a number of them with different wounds.

The radio said that a number of senior officers including the head of intelligence arrived to the area in “Eshkol” in order to raise the morale of the soldiers on the border.It was for the Qassam attack sneaking through a tunnel in the area, “Nahal Oz”.

In conclusion, the radio said “A lot of the tunnels have not been disclosed and will remain a threat to” israel “even after getting out of the military operation on Gaza because intelligence does not have accurate information about their locations.”

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