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Excl- Beware of False Flag attack on Turkey and blamed on Syria


The U.S. is committed to Turkey’s defense against any possible Syrian attack, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Aug. 29 during a daily press briefing.

Asked by journalists about Washington’s response in the event of a Syrian(?) chemical weapons attack against Turkey, Jordan or Israel, Earnest said the U.S.’s priority was the protection of international norms.

“We have a defense agreement with Turkey. We have a commitment to protect our ally Turkey,” he said.

He also added that the U.S. had a similar commitment with Israel. “Our relations with Jordan are a little different, but it’s a critical partner in the region,” Earnest said.

The statement came as senior U.S. officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel were expected to brief congressional leaders later on Aug. 29 in an unclassified session.

Most of Turkish People think that those who want to attack Syria will attack Turkey in order to have an excuse for attacking Syria and the enemies of Syria will play a game to deceive people then blame Assad with the same game. Enemies of Syria have many plots including the chemical attack against Turkey in order to put Turkey’s soil into the service of those who want to attack Syria… Not only Syrian are at risk but also Turkish People are in danger. Syria war does not target only Syrians but also the people of the region and especially Turkish People who are strongly against US and israel. It has been well known for a long time that almost %90- %95 People of Turkey are strongly against US and israel. This enmity of Turkish People is the reasson that put Turkish People as a target for the enemies of Islam, Resistance and enemies of People of the region. Great Satan US, Slaughterer israel, Western Capitalists, Imperialists, Zionists power very well know that Turkish People will never accept zionist powers thats why Turkish People pose danger for them and they think that this danger(Turkish People) must be cleaned anyway

Turkish People also think that the Turkish PM Erdogan had role of delivery of chemical weapons to terrorists in Syria

Turkish People believe allegations that Syrian Govern. used chemicals are completely baseless, groundless.
Turkish People underscore that the terrorists in Syria used chemicals against the civilians.

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