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Exclusice- Photo- Terrorists in Syria published video of the chemical weapon crime one day before the crime


Terrorists in syria uploaded(20. 08. 2013) the video of their crimes and then blamed Syrian Govern for the attack at early time of 21. 08. 2013. If the crime had been made on 21. 08. 2013 then HOW did they upload the video on youtube page a day before the crime?
You can watch the video from here: http://youtu.be/cO8_eZcZkNE

Syrian troops launched a morning offensive to rout Al-Qaeda militants in East Ghouta, Damascus. Mechanized infrantry are utilising artillery and air strikes in a massive assault on extremists who have used the area to launch attacks on communities in and around Damascus. Al-Qaeda affiliated media outlets have accused the Syrian’s of deploying chemical weapons. Reports suggest that the accusations are false – a repeat of previous videos which medical experta rubbished. The government has accused thr opposition of attempting to distract the UN inspectors of attempting to distract the mission to investigate chemical weapons use by “rebels”.

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