Exclusive Article- Why the spring in Arab nations has turned into blood ocean


If the Leaders of the Revolutions in Islamic Regions relinquished their arrogance, selfcentredness, bigotry, obstinacy then take Islamic Republic of Iran as a clear example for their revolution, instead of bending the knees and begging for democracy in front of US, EU, S. Arabia they wouldn’t be in these bloody cases. If the Leaders of the Revolutions in Islamic Regions appreciated the overwhelming success of Islamic Revolution of Iran in all areas against the Blasphemy block and if they benefited from this blessing of Allah in our age they would be able to save, resque their nations from the disasters, misfortunes and they wouldn’t come to the plots of enemies.

However, the the arrogant Mursi of Egypt and the Leaders who see themselves as an acole in Tunisia, Libya kept themselves aloof from Iran that performed Islamic System. This arrogance, selfcentredness, bigotry, obstinacy act by the leaders of revolutions in Islamic Regions brought nothing to the people of the lands BUT blood and tears. Not only those leaders failed to unite people of the land but also failed even to reunite the muslims in their OWN countries. Until when will we turn our face to Turkey, Qatar, S. Arabia and will we stay blind, deaf to the Islamic Revolution of Iran that is the blesing of Allah to our age? Until when will we walk around like a mad in the desert of infidelity, profanity?

Today, despite Lebanon has various demographic structures, ethnic differences the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon (Hezbollah) and the Leader of the movement are able to make people gather around the Resistance because of the close relations among Resistance, its Leader and Islamic Iran. Once Plaestinians were massacred by knives and axes in Sabra, Shatilla camps by Zionist Regime but today via their conscious leaders who bounded to Islamic Revolution of Iran, they become fearful dream of Zionist Regime. If Hezbollah or Palestinians cut their ties with Iran they also would fail and would be the victims of Zionist Regime. The new revolutionary leaders are failing to protect their people from any danger because of all these and many other factors…

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