Exclusive- Free Egypt Army on way to free Egptians just like the one in Syria


According to a statement by one of Libyan military officers to the Libyan al- Mostaqbal newspaper Turkey, Qatar and Libyan Governments founded two caps for terrorists who would attack Egyptian and Tunisian Army and the training of terrorists have already started according to the agreement by those involved governments.
The Libyan officer draws attention to the recent meeting with terrorists among Qatari military officer and many Turkish military officers with the Libyan former General of Armed Forces Youssof al- Mankush.
According to the statement by Libyan military officer the terrorists were trained in those caps and there was a new-formed ‘Free Egyptian Army’ (Just like the same terrorists in Syria-FSA-)

Meanwhile it has been stated that there are many terrorist caps near Libyan- Egyptian border in Libya’s soil and the terroirsts are mainly under the control and command of Turkey and US.

These sort of developments reminded the first days of the ‘War on Syria’. When the so-called revolution started in Syria all preliminary preparations were ready for anything. All FSA flags were ready even the first day of the so-called revolution that was completely under the control of US, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, S. Arabia and other Western Countries. It has been 4 years but the terrorists still have any kind of heavy weapon including the chemicals supplied by UNSC via Turkish soil.

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