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Extremism a plague for Islamic Awakening

n00143782-s“Extremism a plague for the spread of the Islamic Awakening wave in the Muslim world,” said Hojjatol Islam Val Moslemin Seyyed Mahmoud Madani the representative of Supreme Leader in the UAE, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

“Extremism lead to clashes, dispersion and derision among Muslims and will be in favor of enemies including the regime of Zionism,” said the religious cleric.

“The spread of Islamic Awakening is the blessing of God to Muslim nations which in turn awake them,” said the Islamic scholar stating that the enemies regarding such moves tried their utmost to divert the moves from its right tract, piloting it to the errant path of extremism.

Hojjatol Islam Val Moslemin Seyyed Mahmoud Madani called on Muslims, both Shia and Sunni, to make a move and stand against such extremist moves and underscored such moves is a necessity and is of prime important.

“Violence and insulting to the holy faces and concepts of religious denominations and sects have no result except hatred and dispersion in the Islamic World,” said the religious cleric.

“Muslim from different Islamic denominations especially Shia and Sunni should put stress on the standing commonalities and stand against moves aim at their unity and solidarity,” underscored the representative of Supreme Leader in the UAE.

Hojjatol Islam Val Moslemin Seyyed Madani in another line of speech congratulated the upcoming Eid of Al- Ghadeer and called on Muslims from different Islamic denominations to honor and celebrate such day.

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