Hussein FadlallahIslamic Unity

Fadlallah on Wahdat of Muslims


“Going through the classical books to dig out Sunni issues that condemn the Shiites, or Shiite issues that condemn the Sunnis is one of the biggest slips, for the mistakes included in these books ought not to be turned into a sword that hangs over the heads of the coming generations, or an obstacle that impedes Islamic unity. Moreover, whoever seeks to dig out the mistakes of history and use them to incite fanaticisms in the present or future of the Islamic generations, is actually betraying the nation and disobeying the commandments of the noble Messenger (sawa) who had addressed the nation with a decisive speech, in which he (sawa) said: “Do not turn after me misguided, some of you striking the necks of the others”” – Sayyed Muhammad Hussain Fadlallah (ra)

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