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Fasting, Ramadan & people of faiths



From Christians during Lent to Jews during Yom Kippur and Hindus on several occasions, fasting is a shared phenomenon between all major faiths.

By inviting people of other faiths to partake in fasting and other Ramadan activities, Muslims can strengthen bonds amongst people of faith.

Ramadan is also a month when charity is highly recommended. Charitable projects do not just target Muslims and tend to bring relief to all mankind.

Muslims can therefore use this month to share love and build genuine bridges. Ramadan is also a time of social connections.

Muslims gather for breaking their fasts and during other activities. It is a time for connecting with the communities.

Muslims can truly connect at this time with all the different communities of different faiths by inviting others to the noble activities of Ramadan.

Spirituality in Islam involves connecting to God, but also connecting and caring for His creatures. The true value for Muslims in this month is thus getting people of all faiths involved to create this connection.

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