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Feb 11th turned to day for ousting US allies in region

Secretary General of Lebanese Hezbollah said Wednesday downfall of ex-shah of Iran and Husni Mubarak’s as two US and Zionist allies both on February 11th is a nice historic coincidence.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah considered the shared characteristic of the two resistance movements in their shared objectives with those of the Lebanese resistance movement, praising the roles of martyrs in all three of them.

“The bloods of those martyrs of Islamic resistance have strengthened our wills, our beliefs, our resistance movement, and our firm belief in a brighter future; we are just a fraction of the resistance movement, and the continuer of the great pioneers of the Lebanese resistance, atop whom there is Imam Mussa Sadr,” He added.

The Secretary General of Hezbollah said that resistance is a natural reaction to occupation, war, and hegemony seeking of aliens, adding,” This resistance is aimed at safeguarding our motherland, our sanctities, and our values, and is still all by itself the guaranteed for implementation of justice, stability and peace for us.”

He meanwhile referred to the anniversary of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination, arguing, “That terrorist move had dangerous and important aftermaths for the region and for Lebanon and we are still entangled with those aftermaths till today.”

We are witnesses to a new US Political war in Lebanon Nasrallah said, “What we are faced with today in Lebanon presently is a new US political war.”

He said that the Hezbollah is agreed with any kind of peace and stability in Lebanon, or in any corner of the world “that would lead to the emergence of justice”, since a peace and stability based on injustice and aggression against the others’ rights is not true peace and would soon be breached.”

Hezbollah Sec Gen said that there are two major problems in the region, the first of which is the occupier regime of the Holy Qods, adding, “None of the nations in the region has ever started a war against Israel and the Jews used to live at peace and in security in most countries of the region before the establishment of Israel, but after their occupation of Palestine they began massacring, committing crimes, confiscating the Palestinians’ properties, and deporting them from their own homeland.”

He said that the second problem is the need for proper punishment of the war criminals. Nasrallah added, “Peace negotiations have faced defeat as they have never been aimed at restoration of any rights, but now that the US says it aims at reviving them, we must see whether that are ready for the restoration of denied rights, for instance by establishing international courts of justice, putting to trial the Zionist war criminals, and punishing them, or not?”

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said that anyone that has been closer to the Zionist regime and has defended the need for that regime’s security and stability is dearer for the United States and the extent of serving the Zionists.”

He recalled a memory about the late leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini and congratulated the Egyptians for their victory in this phase of their revolution.

The developments in Egypt showed that great changes are underway there and the situation after Mubarak would be quite different with major aftermaths for Israel and the United States, whose roles would be on a declining slope from now on.”

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