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Fire Breaks Out at Turkey’s Unfinished Nuclear Power Plant in Mersin

The explosion of an electrical transformer at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in the southern Turkish city of Mersin resulted in a fire, causing confusion and fear among employees and residents in the area.

“The construction of a Turkish nuclear power plant in Mersin has been a disaster for Turkey and Mersin,” said Ali Mahir Basarır a member of the Turkish parliament’s commission from the Republican People’s Party (CHP) about the incident, according to Cumhuriyet daily.

Akkuyu Nuclear A.S. made a written statement about the fire that broke out as a result of the explosion of the electric transformer during construction in the power plant, stating that the fire broke out as a result of a lightning strike on the power transmission line close to the control panel of the fire brigade and that no one was injured in the incident, while the work continues.

“The lightning strike partially damaged the infrastructure of power lines in the substation area. Electricity was restored to the site. All construction works at the site continue as usual,” said the statement.

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