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First day of Iran strike may bring 30,000 dead for US

Former Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance told reporters that the first day of strike on Iran might bring heavy casualties for the US, killing 30,000 US soldiers.
Addressing the audience in the conference ‘9th of Dey’, Mohammed Hussein Saffar Harandi said that to the acknowledgment by the enemy, the most severe sanctions was put against Iran, but that Iran were not uninitiated to sanctions and from the eve of the Revolution, they had put sanctions; but this time, sanctions was more extensive.

30,000 dead for the US in the first day

Former Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance also added that US strategist admit that Iran can target a circle with the radius of 2500km around its borders with rocket attacks, and that the first day of strike on Iran would mean 30,000 US casualties.

“Based on this analysis, they speculated that Afghanistan and Iraq wars would intimidate Iran into compromise, but now, they are concerned with possible tolls and a way to pull out forces from Afghanistan and Iraq,” he said.

“The enemy had two objectives of confusing the authorities and disturbing them, with the intended effect being retreat and inciting public unrest against the central government; so, they embarked on new sanctions on Iran,” he asserted. “Again, enemy had miscalculated, since people knew the source of the sanctions, so, they did not retreat to disengagement, but they cursed the main source,” he believed.

US loses $ 4 trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan attack

Harandi also added that US had spent $ 4 trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan, while more than 100 representatives in Afghanistan’s Luya Jirga (Parliament) have sympathy with Iran.

“The specter of war with Iran is annoying for Israeli old guards in such a way that they warn the young generation eager to a strike on Iran with the expression ‘do not look for trouble’,” he added.

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