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FM Salehi condemns Zionist crimes

Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi condemned the recent crimes of the Zionist regime in killing a number of Palestinians on the borders of the occupied territories.

The foreign minister also expressed deep concern over the recent incidents on the borders of the occupied Palestine which led to martyrdom of a number of members of the Islamic Ummah by the Zionist regime’s criminals.

He strongly condemned the act of Zionist regime soldiers in opening fire on the Palestinian demonstrators on the borders of Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza as well as the Golan Heights and said such an act was utterly against the international rules and regulations.

Salehi called on international bodies to speedily examine the recent Zionist crimes.

The Iranian foreign minister further reiterated the natural right of the displaced Palestinians to return to their homeland.

He further appreciated the move of the Muslim youths in initiating such an enthusiastic move which he said was undoubtedly inspired by the spirit of Islamic and public vigilance prevailing in the region.

He stressed that extensive public resistance was the only way to confront the suppressing policies of the Zionist regime.

Salehi also underlined Iran’s support for the Palestinian nation and the brave young people who formed protest gatherings on the anniversary of the occupation of Palestine by the Zionists.

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