Former zionist Israeli War Minister blasts new Hezbollah operation


In mid-November,  rabid dog Avigdor Lieberman stepped down from his position as zionist regime ex-war minister, refusing to support the government’s decision to cease hostilities with the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

In a televised interview, former Israeli War Minister zionist Lieberman specifically urged the government to respond to Hamas actions in Gaza instead of focusing on Operation Northern Shield.

The operation’s goal is to locate and destroy Hezbollah tunnels which reach into northern Israel from Lebanon.

“Taking action in the north does not justify inaction in the south. What is happening in the north is an engineering act, not a military operation. There is no need to put one over the other. Both can be dealt with,” Lieberman pointed out.

He also made it clear that he does not regret his move to leave his post as Israeli War Minister last month.

According to Lieberman, Israel endorsing Qatar’s move to provide Gaza with $30 million over the past two months was tantamount to “surrendering to Hamas” and “buying quiet at the price of our national security.”

His remarks came a few days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu downplayed the risk of the military operation to destroy Hezbollah tunnels sliding into a broader conflict.

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