France Passes 30,000 Deaths as Officials Call for Vigilance to Prevent Second Wave

France passed the grim toll of more than 30,000 deaths due to coronavirus on Friday, as officials began to warn of slight rise in cases in the country.

The country has the third highest death toll in Europe after the United Kingdom and Italy. France recorded 658 new cases in 24 hours and 25 additional deaths, AFP reported.

Public Health France also warned in an epidemiological summary that there was a new “increase in circulation” of the virus but that circulation of the virus was “still low”.

“The French want to vacation, want to forget everything they have experienced during these months,” said health minister Olivier Véran in an interview with French cable news channel BFM.

He said they should remember to use preventive measures.

“They must not forget that the virus is circulating, it doesn’t need to be constantly on their minds, we must not live in permanent anxiety, we must live in vigilance,” said Véran.

He said that some people in certain contexts, however, were relaxing their preventive measures.

The new Prime Minister Jean Castex also spoke out on Friday about avoiding a second wave of the virus, calling on citizens to continue to wear masks as frequently as possible.

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