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Fraud Perpetrated Against Billions Attributable To A Few

Fraud Perpetrated Against Billions Attributable To A FewAfter more than a decade of massive fraud, bankrupting world economies — causing the greatest depression in U.S. history — and bilking U.S. taxpayers out of $4.76 trillion to save their asses, you would think that banks would change their ways and those responsible would be held accountable for their crimes.
In most countries, that would happen, but not in the U.S. To gain a better understanding of why financial fraud is perpetrated against us with total impunity, it is important to understand those responsible for it. When the rule of law applies only to the general population and not the criminals responsible for destroying world populations, you don’t have a Democracy. You have a Plutocracy. It’s time to change that.

Nowadays, the U.S. is ruled by corrupt billionaires whose actions and money have created the Plutocracy America has become, and they’re doing everything they can to destroy Democracy [1]. The gross — albeit oftentimes illegal — redistribution of income the upper 2 percent reflects that. Because Washington ignores what has been happening and keeps doing everything to protect the corrupt billionaires that own them, Americans are paying the price in more ways than one. Nowadays, it is common practice for large, fraudulent corporations and their owners to rip off the public and run off with their plundered profits to avoid paying taxes [2].

In spite of the facts revealing that America is run by and for the corrupt elite that own most of Washington, the billionaires are still whining about oppression [3]. The select few that own America’s Plutocracy keep making out like bandits while millions of Americans suffer, but that’s not enough for them. They always want more. America had previous corporate regimes, but none of them come close to matching the extremism that is America’s modern day Plutocracy [4].


A recent Senate investigation revealed that less than two short years after their role in crashing economies and bankrupting millions of Americans, JPMorgan Chase lost $6.2 billion gambling on and trying to manipulate derivatives [5], which are nothing but fraudulent financial schemes used by banks and Wall Street to rip off everyone else, meaning that another financial crisis is inevitable [6].

A top derivatives expert estimates the size of the Global Derivatives Market at $1,200 trillion — more than a quadrillion dollars — which is 20 times larger than the global economy [7]. It is impossible to know for sure how large the derivatives market is because it’s all fraudulent. Derivatives are complex, unregulated, and should be of concern to world leaders and world populations. In 2008, derivatives played a large part in the financial meltdown yet there has been no attempt by U.S. legislators to regulate them or reign in the fraud perpetrated with regularity by the banks that keep gambling and losing money on them.

Despite the Senate’s investigation, no one was arrested and a U.S. House of Representatives committee passed seven measures to weaken already toothless Dodd-Frank “legislation” designed – purportedly – to prevent the fraudulent actions of Banks and Wall Street from destroying the U.S. economy once again. On top of Wall Street fraud still running rampant and imploding world economies, the European Union (EU) tried to demand that Cyprus expropriate money from depositors to prevent that nation’s fraudulent big banks from failing [8]. Needless to say, one will never be able to trust banks with their money again. If Governmental embezzlement of its citizen’s money can happen in Cyprus, rest assured it can happen here too [9].


What isn’t known about the demonization and attempted forced extortion from Cyprus is the people responsible for it. For some reason, few speak of – though I have repeatedly in the past – the corrupt, secretive group of oligarchs responsible for the Kleptocracy currently trying to destroy citizens of the world. Rupert Murdoch, Charles and David Koch, and Carlos Slim are just a few of the fraudsters that have played a major role in the fraud that is perpetrated regularly in the U.S. [10]. When you hear references to the EU, the IMF and large groups like them, you can be sure that fraudulent oligarchs have a heavy hand in running them.

The truth is, the small group of people responsible for America’s plutocracy have played major roles in defrauding U.S. and world economies, and they work tirelessly to subvert Democracy and perpetrate economic injustice [11]. Look at the economic chicanery going on in the world and you see a pattern:

CYPRUS – The European Union’s attempted robbery and self-destruction was due to the fraudulent oligarchs responsible for the Kleptocracy ruling the world today. One would be foolish to think that the attempted extortion of funds from Cyprus won’t happen in the U.S. and elsewhere [12] as there is already a plan in place to steal your money [13].

THE GRAND BARGAIN – Despite public opinion, President Obama and corrupt Republican Congress critters are attempting to destroy Medicare and Social Security to enrich a few of the fraudulent oligarchs that own them.

THE CURRENT DERIVATIVES CRISIS – Despite all the aforementioned fraud by banks and Wall Street, the GOP-controlled Congress is already trying to destroy an already toothless Dodd-Frank law allegedly designed to control Wall Street fraud. Like the stock market, derivatives are nothing but a Ponzi scheme designed to bilk millions of gullible people out of their money.

ABOVE THE LAW – Despite overwhelming evidence of the massive fraud perpetrated by Banks and Wall Street, the U.S. Attorney General deemed “too big to fail” banks above the law and nothing has been done to break them up.

The atrocities mentioned above are just a few examples of how a small group of wealthy elites manipulate corrupt politicians and governments. The trash that surrounds our politicians – which most people don’t know about – controls the lives of world populations. Politicians don’t listen to the people that elected them, only their crooked cronies, many of which own monolithic corporations that make billions of dollars in profits off of taxpayers [14]. Washington caters and kowtows to a select few at our expense. The fact is it makes no difference whether the U.S. President is a Democrat or a Republican. The wealthy elite own both major parties [15]. Until the people wise up and take out the trash in Washington, nothing is going to change that.


America’s foreign policies are designed to fulfill the whims of — and endless profits for — the shady corporations owned by many of those responsible for Washington’s corrupt Plutocracy [16]. The chicanery in Cyprus is far from over, but it has taught us some important things [17]. Despite the profound failure of the wealthy elite’s forced austerity on much of the world, the U.S. Government is hell bent on forcing austerity over here. Principles of national sovereignty be damned.

Consequently, the interests of the fraudulent bankers are put over those of general populations. In addition to the fact that world leaders are for the most part completely corrupt, it’s obvious that they have no idea what they’re doing, and it doesn’t matter who or how many people get hurt as long as the bankers and Wall Street can keep defrauding populations out of their money. Global wealth inequality is so high that the richest 300 people on earth have the same wealth as the poorest 3 billion [18].

When you hear Washington announce that they’ve reached a bipartisan agreement, it inevitably means the people are about to get screwed yet again because of the corporate predator state that is run by and for multinationals [19]. When Washington serves corporations and rigs the rules to protect their subsidiaries, tax dodgers and monopolies, you don’t have a free market – you have a rigged market. Wall Street, Insurance and Drug companies, as well as Big Oil and Coal companies exemplify this regularly. The GOP and their corporate fraudsters rail against any type of welfare that helps citizens but constantly enables corporate welfare. Beware of Washington and its role in catering to and protecting the corporate predator state.


It’s pathetic, as noted by Robert Reich, that the U.S. government is still legislating and regulating private morality, while at the same time ignoring the much larger crises of public morality in America [19]. Various GOP state legislators are trying to take away women’s rights to abortions. GOP legislators in Washington are eviscerating programs designed to help poor kids, kill Social Security and Medicare, and thwart same sex marriage, but still do absolutely nothing to reign in the massive fraud perpetrated against us with regularity and no one on Wall Street has been held accountable for bankrupting millions of Americans in 2008 and bilking them out of trillions of dollars. Nothing is being done to close the floodgates opened by a corporately corrupt U.S. Supreme Court in 2010 that allow corporations to buy elections either.

How people live their lives, who they marry and what they do in the privacy of their own homes is not Washington’s – or the publics – business. What fraudulent corporations on Wall Street do is the public’s business and Washington needs to protect us from the degradation of big money but Washington chooses to cater to corporations instead.

Propaganda plays a major role in advancing the agenda of America’s Plutocracy in Washington. America’s pusillanimous press plays a major role in repeatedly pushing the propaganda created by America’s Plutocracy in an effort to regiment the public mind and sway public opinion [20]. Modern digital technology has made it easier to unleash a devastating new era of propaganda on an unsuspecting, gullible public, but propaganda only wins if you allow it [21].


One thing we’ve learned over the past 12 plus years is that you should always be skeptical of supposed expertise and authority. When you hear the U.S. Government claim that “everyone” supports fiscal austerity, you should always question whether “everyone” excludes anyone expressing differing opinions. Trying to spin fallacies as truth will inevitably result in major blowback. When you hear corrupt, treasonous “experts” spinning fallacies as truth for personal gain until they themselves being to believe their lies, you can rest assured that they have strong ties to corrupt government officials and those that control them [23].

It is imperative to challenge authority, even disruptively if necessary. Besides moving your money out of the big banks and into credit unions [24], it will take a grassroots movement by We the People to make a difference and we’ve done it before. Ordinary people have enormous power, and using that power is detrimental to regime change which occurs from the bottom up. Prioritizing justice, fairness, full employment, universal health care, education, a minimum living wage and putting money power in the public’s hands will go a long way towards overcoming America’s Plutocracy and doing what is right for the people, not corporations.

Recognizing America’s Plutocracy for what it is and those behind it goes a long way towards alleviating the situation. The quest to ridding ourselves of the metastatic web of greed and deception that is destroying billions of lives on a regular basis begins at home. The next step after Plutocracy is Tyranny. It will take bold, creative strategies and commitment to change things but it can be done [25]. Failing to try to change things will only result in disaster. It’s time for ordinary people to have a say in what their government does.

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