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Free(!) Syrian Army frees Syrian civilians by throwing them down from the roof

The so-called “Free Syrian Army” is brutally committing horrific crimes against Syrians.

A recently posted video on YouTube, shows a crowd of people callously throwing the bodies of slain postal workers from a post office rooftop.

The video, the source of which could not be independently verified, shows several dozen people having surrounded the staircase of the building.

Also, several people got to the roof and were throwing down the apparently dead bodies of post servants.
As they hit the ground, the crowd rushes in to catch the appalling images on their mobile phones.

In another horrific video, a blindfolded man, with his hands tied behind his back, struggled as a group of men forced him to lie down on a pavement in Aleppo.

The man calls out: “I would rather die by a bullet.” A man retorts: “Shut up.”
The assailant forced what appeared to be a small knife repeatedly across his throat as his blood spurted onto the pavement.

“This is the fate of all the shabiha and those who support Bashar (al-Assad),” said the man filming the video.

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