French police arrest two Egyptian-born brothers suspected of terrorism


French police have foiled a suspected terror attack and arrested two Egyptian-born brothers who were plotting the attack in France.

The two young men “preparing to commit an attack with explosives or ricin [poison],” French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb announced on BFM television on Friday.

He revealed that the brothers were of Egyptian origin, but didn’t say specifically what their nationality was or provide other information about where or when they were arrested.

Collomb said the men had received tutorials on how to make poison using ricin and had been identified by French intelligence agents who intercepted their communications on the secure messaging platform Telegram.

The announcement came days after a Chechen-born man with French nationality and possibly inspired by extremist militants went on a stabbing rampage in central Paris, killing one person before police shot him dead.

The attack once again highlighted the difficulties the French security forces are facing in keeping track of suspected extremists.

Daesh claims deadly Paris knife attack

Daesh claims responsibility for a deadly knife attack in Paris which claimed the life of one person and injured at least four more.

French security forces have been on constant watch for possible terrorist attacks in past years.

More than 245 people have been killed on French soil over the past three years in attacks launched by extremist militants or individuals inspired and in some cases trained by militant groups such as the Daesh Takifiri terrorist group.

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