French president is betraying to his own country and serving the Zionist regime

French president serving the Zionist regime

The French President, François Hollande, currying favors with the Zionist regime of Israel, baselessly claimed that Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities pose a threat against the world in the presence of the head of usurper Israeli regime, Shimon Perez.

The French president ironically did not mention the illegal Zionist entity’s nuclear arsenal. In a meeting with Perez, in Tel Aviv on Sunday, the French president insisted on his hostile stand toward the Islamic Republic of Iran, while emphasizing on France’s unwavering support for the illegal Zionist entity.

Previously, the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, throughout recent Iran-5+1 Group talks in Geneva, had made unfounded claims about Iran’s nuclear activities.

The politically-motivated allegations of the French president about Iran’s nuclear issue show that Paris toes the Zionist regime’s line. The French officials are making strenuous efforts to somehow show Iran’s nuclear plan as a threat, while the French regime, in the recent decades, has made every effort to launch and expand the Zionist regime’s atomic arsenal. In fact, the Zionist regime built up its nuclear arsenal with the continuous assistance of the then French statesmen, which is at odds with the French regime’s claim to champion human rights.

The Western regimes, especially France, have turned a blind eye to the ruthless massacre of Palestinian nation through usage of banned weapons such as cluster bombs at the hands of Zionist regime’s troopers. This goes to show that the West’s support for Zionist regime is one of the major policies of Western regimes, especially France, in the Middle East region.

The destructive role played by the French foreign minister in nuclear talks in Geneva; France’s unflagging support for intensification of sanctions against the Iranian nation; and collaboration of the illegal Zionist entity called Israel with West’s spying agencies in assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientists partly form the complicated and intricate relations of the West with the Zionist regime of Israel.

During the recent days, and on the verge of new round of talks between Iran and 5+1 Group in Geneva, the French administration has been in cahoots with the Zionist regime of Israel, spearheading a smear campaign against Islamic Iran. In fact, the French regime only thinks of the illegitimate interests of Zionist regime. France, in a futile bid to derail the French public opinion from the failed policies of socialists, alleges that Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities pose a threat against the world.

The French president has termed Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities as threatening, while according to several reports released by the International Atomic Energy Agency there has been no diversion in Iran’s peaceful nuclear technology. Iran, based on Islamic teachings, doesn’t believe in atomic weapons, and has cooperated with the international community for establishment of global peace.

However, the Zionist regime of Israel possesses hundreds of atomic bombs and warheads. Many regional and international assemblies consider the Zionist regime’s atomic arsenal as a threat against global security. Under these circumstances, France’s untiring support for the Zionist regime shows that the Zionist lobby cannot bear to see access of Islamic Republic of Iran to peaceful nuclear technology.

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