Fresh Clashes Reported between Two US-Backed Militant Groups in Northeastern Syria


The US-backed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) exchanged fire with the Washington-backed Raqqa Liwa al-Thowar Arab militant group on Sunday.

The SDF militias embarked on laying siege on most bases of Raqqa Liwa al-Thowar in Raqqa city.

After the SDF started capturing a number of Liwa al-Thowar militants, the Arab militant group called on Raqqa residents to assist them to confront the SDF.

In the meantime, Liwa al-Thowar in a later statement took the US-led coalition responsible, and called for immediate reaction by the US forces.

The statement further said that the US plan for arming the Kurdish units was not aimed at driving ISIL from Raqqa but to replace the ISIL with the Kurds, stressing that there is no difference between ISIL and Kurdish militias.

On Monday, a bomb, planted by unknown assailants in the vehicle of the SDF Military Police, went off in Tal Abyadh street in Raqqa city, killing at least five SDF militias.

The SDF kept has forces on alert following the blast.

A fresh wave of attacks by unidentified parties has covered Northeastern Syria following intensified tensions between the SDF and civilians in the provinces of Hasaka, Raqqa and Deir Ezzur.

In the meantime, fresh clashes between the SDF and civilians have been reported in Qawiran neighborhood in Hasaka city, where a number of civilians were arrested.

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