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Gaza victory second wave of Islamic awakening: Iran cmdr.

A senior Iranian commander says the victory of Palestinian resistance fighters in the eight-day war with Israel marks the second wave of Islamic awaking in the region.

Commander of Iran’s volunteer Basij forces Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi on Friday hailed the unity among Palestinian factions and the contribution of other Muslim nations to end the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

“Nations realized more than ever before that they need to come on to the stage and exhaust all their power and capacities,” Naqdi told a pro-Palestinian gathering in Tehran.

“The heroic nation of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip gallantly stood up and the people of Syria have well performed their obligation by their intelligence and maintaining the resistance front. Today it is the Egyptian people’s turn to complete the task, and they also have taken high steps,” he stated.

The commander said the ultimate defeat of the Israeli regime would depend on the alertness and further awakening in the West Bank and Jordan, urging the people there to play their “historical role” in the liberation of Palestine.

Naqdi recalled the massacre of Palestinian civilians in Israeli attacks carried out “under the US green light,” noting how many Israelis regret their immigration to the occupied Palestinian territories and are now trying to return to their homelands.

He further criticized the Turkish government for arming the insurgents in Syria but failing to practically support the Palestinian resistance against Israel.

On Wednesday, an Egypt-mediated ceasefire agreement ended eight days of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip that killed more than 160 Palestinians and injured about 1,200 others.

In response to the deadly strikes, Gaza-based resistance fighters fired rockets and missiles into the occupied lands, killing at least five Israelis.

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