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Gaza’s retaliatory rockets teem down on Israeli-occupied territories

Footage shows Palestinian resistance groups raining down retaliatory rockets on the occupied territories after Israel’s assassination of a senior Palestinian resistance commander.

Baha Abu al-Ata, 42, the commander of Al-Quds Brigades — the Palestinian resistance movement of Islamic Jihad’s military wing — and his wife were martyred during an Israeli aerial assault against his home in Gaza City in the Israeli-blockaded Palestinian enclave of Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

PressTV-Israel kills resistance cmdr., Gaza fighters strike back

Video recordings soon surfaced of tit-for-tat rocket barrages by Gaza-based Palestinian factions, and Israel’s so-called Iron Dome missile system struggling to intercept as many as possible.

The footage showed the damage resulting from the reprisal as well as one instance when a resistance rocket landed right on the course of Israeli traffic.

Another video, meanwhile, showed firefighters scrambling to tame a fire caused by the retaliation in an Israeli factory.

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