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Germany training Egyptian soldiers amid deadly security crackdown

Germany remains committed to training Egyptian soldiers amid the ongoing lethal security crackdown against pro-democracy demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir square, the Hamburg-based weekly Der Spiegel said in a report on Sunday.

Replying to a letter by German opposition lawmaker Niema Movassat who called for
an end to the controversial military cooperation between Berlin and Cairo over the
brutal security clampdown, the German Defense Ministry stressed Egypt was
‘absolutely eligible’ for having the military training program.

The German army is training up to 10 Egyptian military officials every year. The cost of the military program is paid by German taxpayers.

Meanwhile, Movassat labeled the German-Egyptian military cooperation a ‘scandal’
amid ‘the numerous human rights violations of the Egyptian military.’

Germany was a strong supporter of the former Mubarak regime for his backing of the zionist regime and had provided billions of euros in development and military aid during his 30-year dictatorship.

Egypt is now ruled by the western-backed Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF)
which has played a key role in the deadly crackdown of the recent movement.

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