Grand Ayatollah Hamedani condemns attack on Hazrat Zainab (SA) Shrine

9ac9b1ba35dfc1c79fe7fc306c2802f4_LThe Source of Emulation, Grand Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani, in a message, strongly condemned the terrorist attack on the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Zainab (SA) in the vicinity of the Syrian Capital, Damascus.

According to IRIB World Service, citing IRNA, this message partly reads that one of the main woes which the World of Islam is currently grappling with is the emergence of Wahhabis, who massacre Muslims and stir problems for them, while being reinforced by the enemies of Islam.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Seyed Abbas Araqchi, also condemned the terrorist attack on the Hazrat Zainab (SA) Holy Shrine, while calling on the international assemblies, especially Islamic organizations, to fulfill their duty in regard to protection of sacred Islamic values, and to make utmost efforts to prevent the repetition of such heinous crimes, which violate international and Islamic rules and regulations.
On Friday, the terrorist outfits in Syria staged a mortar attack on the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Zainab (SA), martyring a number of people and wounding scores of others.

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