Grand Ayatollah Sobhani: Tafriri moves aim at extending Islamophobia


Grand Ayatollah Ja’far Sobhani has met with the head of the Organization for Mobilization of the Oppressed (Basij), Brigadier-General Mohammad-Reza Naqdi along with a group of officials from the Qom branch of the organization. They discussed the role of the Basij in countering the Takfiri ideology.

His Eminence emphasized on the importance of strengthening and expanding the power of the Basij throughout Iran. “At any rate, the Basij are active within the borders of Iran and are the best forces to protect the country. However, within our country there are people who have differing opinions from us, but we should not ignore these differences [but] we should train our brave youth,” he stated.

Ayatollah Sobhani explained that the commonalities between Islam and other religions must be a bridge between Muslims and other religions within this country. “All of us [Basijis] have a belief in Islam, the Quran and the defence of al-Aqsa Mosque and Muslims. By focusing on these commonalities, we can have a united and integrated Basij force,” he explained.

The renowned source of emulation said that one of the operations of the Basij is describing the crimes of Takfiri terrorist groups such as ISIL: “One of the duties of the Basij is that they must describe the crimes and massacres committed by these Takfiri terrorist groups to the people. The Basij must explain that violence and massacres committed by these terrorists have no relation to Islam. In all the battles of the Prophet Muhammad, only 800 people were killed. This is while these Takfiris kill more than 800 people in one incident!”

“The situation which these ISIL terrorists have brought forward is a manipulation of Islam and these terrorists know that they have given Islam a bad name to the people of the world. Many think that Islam is a religion of killing, cruelty and brutality. The crimes of these ISIL terrorists have led to a significant decline of the spread of Islam in the West,” Ayatollah Sobhani stated.

“Every Basij member must go to the pulpits and explain the crimes of these ISIL terrorists and say that their actions have absolutely no relation to Islam – their actions are 100% against Islamic teachings. The ideology of these terrorists are rooted in Wahhabism and the Basij must explain this to the people. The [sole] aim of Takfirism is to complete the [enemies’] program of Islamophobia,” the revered scholar explained.

Ayatollah Sobhani stated that currently the true face of Wahhabism has been made clear to the entire world. For many years, Wahhabis have hidden their true face, but now their true face is obvious to the people of the world and people know that their actions are hypocritical and they do not want to implement true Islam, reported Rasa News.

In another part of his speech, Ayatollah Sobhani emphasized upon the promotion of memorizing the Holy Quran among the Basij because the memorization of the Quran is a divine grace which elevates the soul and polishes ones thought.

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