Graphic Photos: Zionist Snipers execute 13 yr old Palestinian child: 400+ injured and two killed

Zionist Regime forces yet again opened fire upon peaceful demonstrators in Gaza yesterday, killing two and injuring more than 420.

Israeli Regime forces tear gas Gaza protestors.

The two killed, were 13 yr old Yasser Abu Naja and Mohammed Al-Hamayda (24 yrs old).

The mother of 13 yr old Yasser, grieving over her sons dead body.
24 yr old Mohammed Al-Hamayada, murdered today by Israeli Sniper fire.
Mohammed was two weeks engaged.

The thirteen year old child, Yasser Abu Naja, was executed by an Israeli Sniper who targeted him with an explosive bullet. The head wound inflicted upon the child, killed him instantly. (Graphic photo below)

Israeli Snipers usage of explosive Bullets in Gaza, on children.

Reports from Gaza’s Health Ministry, indicate that journalists and medics were amongst the injured. More than 420 Palestinians were injured yesterday, including a man from al-Bureij camp (East Gaza), who was shot in the neck and remains in critical condition.

Victim of Israeli Snipers targeted fire (Al-Bureij Camp).
Injured by Israeli Sniper fire (29th June 2018).
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